Deep Space Esports [18+] [NA] [Looking for 4 Players + 1 Coach]

Hello everyone, My name is Alex and I am the Founder and Esports Director for Deep Space Esports. We are a new org looking to compete competitively in HCS. We currently have a Rainbow 6 team and are making a work in progress Valorant team. If you are interested in a position with us please message me on discord “Alex Shaw#9569” Please see our requirements before messaging me.


  • 18+ No Exceptions
  • Diamond 5 - Onyx No exceptions
  • Must be able to practice multiple times a week / for a few hours
  • Open-Minded
  • No ego or sense of being better than others
  • Able to work together as a team
  • open to improvement and open to criticism

This position is not paid however, any and all prize winnings you get from tournaments go right back to the team.

Thank you everyone who messages me but keep in mind I will only be selecting to best of the best.

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Just to update we have found 3 players and are still looking for 1 more + a coach to join our roster.

I messaged you on discord to see if you have a spot available still but message won’t send, idk if you have to accept my friend request?

Update on the Halo Roster, we have all 4 players and are currently looking to secure a coach to finalize our roster. If you are interested in coaching please message here or on discord. Thank you!


Just to bump our post. We are still actively looking for a coach to finalize our roster. You must know maps and positioning, basic / advanced knowledge of the game and HCS scene, Previous coaching experience is not required but considered an asset. Please DM me on discord or message on here and I will get back to you.

Update on our Halo Infinite Roster. We are looking for 1 replacement player, as one of our players schedules couldn’t line up with practice times. Please message me on discord or reply here. Thank you!

Bumping our post, looking for 1 more player to bring our roster back up to full strength. We have 2 players confirmed + coach.

GT: Daddy jampy same on instagram

Competing in Kansas?

We have players from all over the US and 1 Canadian so we will hopefully be competing in most future NA HCS tournaments. If you would like to know more contact me on discord. That is the quickest place to get a response from me. Username: Alex Shaw#9569