Deep Breaths (Team) hALO 4 gamebattles !

We have 3 people in a team. The team is called Deep Breaths and when Halo 4 comes out we will be doing Gamebattles. This isn’t a clan. We consider ourselves to be quite decent at Halo and are looking for one more member for the team. We are not amazing players, but we are better than the average noob. Send ‘Synadice’ a message and I will give you a 1 vs 1. Once I have seen your skill I will decide whether you shall join the team. You must over 13 years old and British. We are all only 14 years old, so if you feel you’re too old or too young then obviously don’t bother asking. Thank you.

We also have a Youtube Channel so we would appreciate if you have a way of uploading gameplay such as a HD PVR or a Dazzle Capture Card (with decent quality)

sorry i didnt realise you can only advertise once can you take this down ?