Dedicated Servers? Server Latency issues

I understand since launch you did something to the dedicated servers when the LaD pack dropped in November to assist parties to be able to play together.

I have severe server latency issues, I have a wired connection, a good internet speed. Done all the usual steps, reset hub, Xbox hard resets. I have an open NAT and I am from the U.K. Lately my experience on Halo 5 is just horrible.

Just played a Warzone game which after the initial cut scene as you jump out the back of the pelican on my screen my team mates had already destroyed the crawlers and most of the soldiers on Stormbreak. Those that have played Warzone know that should not be the case. I had to leave I am no quitter usually but this is a joke.

Its not just Warzone either it’s been the same in Arena, it’s like the bad old days when you were unlucky enough to join someone with a poor connection on Halo 3 etc via peer to peer system. Grenades go off ages after thrown, shots fired that would normally kill completely missing, feels like running through treacle.

Does Europe and the rest of the World bar the U.S get dedicated servers? It was amazing for the first few weeks but since the LaD pack dropped the latency is just hideous.

Is there a fix for this 343 or any users that have had the same issue please? I need help with this.

I will probably be ignored as no one seems to read these and I am from the U.K.

Thanks to to anyone that does bother to read and respond, any help will be appreciated.

Help, Latency issues!

Same issue in Germany…

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> Same issue in Germany…

Thank you, I am done with Halo. 343 obviously do not care about their European fans and player base. They have already got our money.

16 hours and no response from them? tried to play has one playable game and 3 games that I had to quit, no doubt I will get a ban. Not my fault the game is unplayable!

Doesnt work for me in Sweden either.

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> Doesnt work for me in Sweden either.

That sucks, I am still having issues.

I’m from Singapore and I definitely experience the same thing.
0.5 - 1 seconds grenade delays
BR hits register late and I always die in 1v1 battles even though I know I won lmao.

Please do something about this 343.