Dedicated Servers Need A Fixing

The Games in-game Dedicated servers seem to feel like its based on location if your closer you will do better, Some people will hit me will throw a pulse nade near me and somehow it will destroy my hopes of becoming a master spartan 117. Custom Game in game Servers oh boy are they even dedicated servers? says it is when you start up a game. all i want to know what are you guys using for a server/hosting your using.Dedicated Servers Problems.

  • Finish a game then Get booted and banned - Currently serving 1 hour ban

  • I have back smacked alot of people and nothing happens some wont go one shot and some will.

  • Not being able to see your stats at the end of games

  • Teammates/Randoms lagging out as the game is starting

  • Shots/Melees/Grenades do NOT register at time(s)
    Here are are some precious clips of the game not working how it should! only 3.

Melee should of been a kill:


walk through my pulse nades please: