Dedicated Servers, MCC and Guardian Issues

To whom it may concern at X-box Live, 343, and Microsoft;
When I purchased Halo MCC, it was with the intent of playing Halo CE, “Free-for-all” online. ( Free-for-all isn’t even offered in MCC for Halo one CE.)
Due to the lack of dedicated servers, I and many others have a difficult time with online play. When I shoot at an opponent, I will be right on target (their forehead). Also, (he hasn’t got a power up)with five or six shots, he doesn’t die. With one shot he can kill me. I have been playing this game since it’s inception and have been a very successful player in the past. In Guardians, my player level is in the thirties. Someone with a faster internet speed definitely, always has the advantage in Halo MCC. In HALO MCC I had to back my level to 3 or 4, or never win a game ever. (which is no fun). The game will also pair me with a 1 or 2 and put us against levels 47s and 50s! This wouldn’t bother me if I was by myself with dedicated servers and nobody had the advantage. My download speed is 6.4 mbps and my upload speed is .42 mbps, which seems to work great in Guardians with its dedicated servers. There is nothing I can do about my internet speed since it is the fastest speed offered where I live. This has proven to be an extremely miserable experience for me and many other bloggers I have chatted with.
Another blogger wrote the following blog which I am now sharing with you
“In any online game, there needs to be a server that receives and transmits data to all of the players. In most games on consoles, the player with the best connection in a game, will be made the server. Because it is an average user, if their connection is not that great, or is interrupted, it can cause lag for all of the players. A dedicated server is a server that is not a player, but rather a dedicated computer connection that everyone connects to with more computing power and a better connection. Dedicated servers cost money, player servers don’t. I personally think it’s a rip off that we pay $60 a year for Xbox live and don’t receive dedicated servers… Many computer games use dedicated servers and the users pay nothing.”
Another thing that is sadly missing in Gaurdians and MCC is a custom map mutiplayer choice for regular players to pick. Here, this beautiful forge has been built with awesome maps and map making abilities, but we can’t use it for a multiplayer game. So, you download or make some great maps and TRY to get people to play, but, as soon as they realize thats what you have invited them to, they quit! And yes, I realize there are sites like HALOFORGE and reddit, etc but they don’t work ether. I tried it and no one shows up. I would like some answers. a) Are you going to put dedicated servers in HALO MCC? If yes, when? b)Are you going to put Free-for-all in MCC? c)Are you going to put a custom multiplayer choice in both? I am sure many others won’t be buying anything else until you start paying attention and make these games more enjoyable.
This letter is from a 56 year young adult who is taking the time to try to help you make a better product. (Please pay attention!)