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Remember when Halo 5 Guardians E3 and it was Touted that we would be having DEDICATED SERVERS & 60 fps. We All Cheered. Because the first 3 Halo’s were so patchy spawn points, delays, Transported into Enemy Hive. Well I do, and it’s Almost better than what we’ve be getting with HALO 5. I love to Play but I’m constantly lagging. Either 343 has just Stopped Caring and With No New Maps for Halo 5 or seems there just going to kick the can down to the server room and RESTORE the SERVER IMAGE TO AN PREVIOUS TIME. What are they doing to fix this, Cause I’m so worked up over the delay and I’m getting BANNED because I walk out from Spawn point and BOOM I’m DEAD.

While I wait for my BANHAMMER TIME, I’ll think I will try DOWNLOADING FORTNITE or APEX