Dedicated Server is a joke!

Finally got into a game and was booted from server. 343 why do you hate servers that are not in the USA?

Been waiting for 20mins now and no games will load. Keeps getting booted.
Matchmaking cancelled!
Removed from the server!
Can’t connect to server!

Even when I manage to get into a game it’s bad. BTB loads in with 4 players including me. After every game nearly I have to dashboard quit the game and start it up again.

For the love that is all Halo 343
Please bring in the same settings you have for the MCC were I can filter out servers. I live in a country that has one server and I never connect to it. It’s always across the world in being connected too. Please fix this. Its my day off and I wanna play and have fun not spend hours waiting to play…

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I have stated we should have our “OWN DEDICATED SERVER SOFTWARE” few times on these forums. IMHO I don’t like having to connect to those Azure Microsoft servers. Hell even Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2 had our own Dedicated Server Software.


I’m just tired of getting killed behind walls.

At this point, I think Halo 3’s P2P networking with all the bloodshots was preferable to this. It’s some of the worst I’ve seen in a long time.


Today is the worst I’ve experienced. I keep losing connection. I’ve reported everytime. I’ve done 7 that I was able to record. I cant keep restarting my xbox or dashboard quitting to restart a game just so i I play ONE GAME.

343 what is going on and why is no one fixing this problem

IMHO I don’t see 343i fixing a damn thing till February 2022!

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Right now the only way I can play multiplayer is to restart the game everytime when a match ends. Can never be able to go into a next game. It sometimes works when I start the game up again but most times I gotta restart the game or xbox 2 or 3 times just to play 1 match