Dedicated Machinima group!

I’m looking for dedicated people who would like to help me form a Machinima group! So far it’s only me and I’d like to start small. I can voice, body act, and do SOME video editing, so I’m looking for a cameraman, video editor, and one or two other people to voice and body act depending on who is able to do any combination of the the first two roles. I have scripts for the first couple episodes of a series I call “Achievement Unlocked” already written out and the first episode acted, waiting to be filmed. Skype: daxter2013 GT: Guardian Slant PM me on Waypoint The entire full script is as presented below.

Achievement Unlocked: Glitches and Such
[Pans around the map Powerhouse for 15 seconds. 3 Countdown beeps to spawn are heard. Sam pops into view near the large armored doors at the bottom of the map.]
Sam: [spawns, looks around] Hm… I wonder where Jack and Alex are. [Walks into doorway of shed nearby.] Guys? [Camera view behind Sam shows empty room] Nope. [Camera stays in place and Sam runs off-screen to the right. Sam runs into the shower/bathroom and looks in the shower] Well thank God they’re not HERE. [Explosion goes off in the distance. Sam looks off to the left.] Problem solved. [Runs off-screen]
[Shows Tot and Alex on the top floor of Generator room near some cables. Jack is crouched hitting the cables, Alex is at a terminal.]
Alex: [Hits the terminal, annoyed] Come on, you piece of -Yoink-. WORK!
Jack: [calm, almost monotone voice] I told you, it’s not gonna work, just like the last 6 things we’ve tried.
Alex: [Frustrated] No it’s not! This has to work! IT HAS TO!
[Camera shows side view of Alex, and stairway in background. Sam comes up stairs and looks in Jack’s direction, then Ben’s. Sam walks up to Alex and looks at the terminal.]
Sam: Uuhh…. Alex? What are you guys doing?
Alex: [Looks at Sam, then back at terminal] It’s a glitch I found on YouTube, but TOT isn’t doing something right.
Jack: [Taken back] I’m doing exactly what you told me! Either this is fake, or YOU’RE doing something wrong.
Alex: [Pissed off] YOU’RE FAKE!
Jack: [goes back hitting cables] Whatever.
[Camera goes back to Sam and Alex]
Sam: So, what’s the glitch?
Alex: [Still staring at the terminal] I’m supposed to hit the buttons at this terminal, [Camera shows Jack still hitting the cables] and Jack is supposed to hit the cables just right so that [Camera goes back to just Sam and Alex] the result is- [Alex is cut off by a zapping sound and Jack yelling gibberish from getting shocked violently, followed by an explosion. Camera shows Jack lying on the ground. Goes back to Sam and Alex looking in Jack’s direction.] ……that. [Achievement Unlocked: “Gltiches and Such” pops up at bottom of screen, while camera is showing Jack’s dead body.]
[Credits roll.]

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