Dedicated clan members only!!!

I’ve noticed a trend with small clans(6-10 members) having trouble finding/recruiting new members. This is mainly due to their current members not being “dedicated”.

Having and being in a clan brings responsibilty for those who are in clans and this is where the problems lie for small clans. People don’t want more responsibilities on top of the Real Life ones they have now(especially caused by gaming), and that’s totally understandable. We’re not looking for those type of people.

We’re looking for those who “want” to be in or help in leading a clan.

You only got like 2-3 people working towards or for the clan, spreading the word, recruiting, etc? You have a site but no one visits it?

Well what I suggest is a merger for small clans to become one. If you have a clan with at least 2-3 dedicated / commited members, please contact me so we can discuss some options for a merger and or growing a clan together. I have about 10 people in my current clan, but only like 4 of them are “dedicated”. I’m going to be online here and XBL for the rest of the day, so feel free to pm here or on XBL if any of this interest you.

Contact: site closed to the public, members only, temporary membership for those who would like to browse
Gt= A Ninja Poop

Remember if you’re not commited and dedicated to being in a clan don’t even bother posting anything. The door out reads “<BACK”