Decrease weighting for all forge map.

Seriously I have like 30 full days of playtime on Forge maps, and I don’t even like most of those maps.

My most on any other map is 4 days.

The weighting should have been distributed more evenly. I feel cheated when most of my time gets funneled onto one damn map.

One of the main reasons i rarely play Reach anymore is the fact matchmaking became flooded with Forge maps.

I disliked the fact we had a few ship with the game to begin with instead of solid original fully rendered play space…and then they released some great DLC maps which i never got to play, instead i got stuck on a grey map, then another grey map…then another grey map.

Instead of having a million playlists with about 200 people in each, they should have lost a couple and had a solid Community playlist with forge stuff in.