Decisions Were Made Higher Up

We know, some one in the higher ups of 343 wants the sweet bonus if they manage to surpass the “Halo sales KPI”.

MS are no saints, but this design was made by 343. And the “it is complicated”, “it will take time to do things already done since 2007” is BS

BTW, halo was not a cash cow until Halo 5 with the Req system. We were so naive thinking they would be better, but most of us knew this was coming since the super coating system and the dead silent they went after de E3 were all the news we got were bu new products they intended to sell us

have you seen bungies pay model with destiny 2?

If you played Destiny you’d take that back

None of it is cross core. And there’s no way you can convince me there logic on visor colors was that they wouldn’t work cross core. Also, some items specifically have worked cross core in the past. Like Recon on ODST armor, ODST helmet on pretty much every version of Mjolnir, or MK V being retrofitting for MK VI. Some things I can understand have an in universe reason for not being cross core, but others don’t buy. You telling me you couldn’t equip a tactical knife attachment on a different core?

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Oh I know…Like the MK VII Aviator, is different from the MK V. So they needed a whole new model for that why?

And the MK VII Knife is on the hip while the MK V is on the shoulder.

It’s like they went out of the way to make more work for themselves.

Do you know how much good will they would get if they gave out the MK V OG for the MK VII core as part of the Anniversary event bundle, so people could look like Caboose? We all know they have the model kicking around in the archive somewhere.

There is no way it wasn’t their decision not to put in a TS playlist. He says in the same post that people’s assumptions about them trying to push challenge swaps by limiting playlists isn’t true, so he’s either lying or they had zero reason to not have Slayer.

I admit, I made this post before I had read that far down his post, but he has a point. There are people out there that need to hear that, but I personally hate this microtransaction system. I think if we pay the $60 for the campaign, we should be free from any need to pay for things in multiplayer and free from any unreasonable grind for them

My post is in response to my (hopefully) correct suspicions that Ske7ch and others at 343 are also aggravated at the decisions made by higher ups to make this a f2p game, the prices of the store, and other things. Who knows, maybe my hope is misplaced, but we have no way of knowing who decided what. It just sounded like to me (and from a video he put out a while back), that this was almost like a gun to the head scenario, and they have been -Yoink!- about these decisions too. I don’t know, but in so far as at least some of these decisions were fought over within 343, I am thankful to those who may have fought on our side

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Have never touched it tbh. What’s up

I feel 343 develops in a bubble. In the post it was explained how the progressions/challenge system was frustrating while playing in the wild. This happens when you create in a bubble and don’t actually take the time to look at it with outside eyes. If this is the first time they are seeing it with outside eyes that means they weren’t testing outside of their bubble till now.

Edit: So the bubble is like the Pros, the company people, the people who aren’t really being charged at any expense and are already Halo fans. It’s not a true test with an unbiased sample set. Everyone is biased because everyone is a fan already. The feedback they are getting now is a true unbiased sample set with actual money on the line, with no special treatment or swag giveaways.

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Didn’t they get plenty of complaints about the progression system from people playing the flights? I find it hard to believe that the staff at 343 were completely unaware of the impending disaster when the people playing the version(s) of the game specifically released to gather feedback from players told them the issue way in advance.

I believe an Activi$ion exec once said “sometimes there’s nothing like a good Foie Gras.”
In other words, publishers will just milk a franchise until its playerbase gets sick of it.

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That’s funny, I actually mentioned that earlier! Long live Marty

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Yeah, and they are working on it. I think they had probably already planned to add another progression system before the feedback

Is this the same one being investigated and causing walkouts? LOL.

It still infuriates me to this day, knowing that Bungie and Activi$ion were sitting at a dinner table when that actually came up in a conversation. The fact that it wasn’t a red flag to everyone except Marty baffles me.

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No, the Activi$ion walkouts are because of sexual discrimination/harassment and the frat boy culture that’s been festering within the company for around a decade.

I was being cheeky implying that they are in no way a company exec mentality to aspire to.

I heard the same thing happened with Blizzard

The people making the game and the people running it aren’t the same, regardless of company.

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