Decisions Were Made Higher Up

I just read Ske7ch’s reply on the Halo subreddit, where it said “we are advocating for players internally.” I think I know what this means. I think we all know what this means. Thank you Ske7ch, thank you all the other employees at 343 for trying to make the best Halo you can. I think I can tell where the blame lies for some of the more egregious decisions surrounding the game right now. Whoever has been on our side, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Let’s hope for the best with this launch. Best of luck to you

Edit: I do not know that this is the case, and that maybe, there is more backing behind these decisions I’m speaking of than I thought. However, in so far as there is some disagreement and similar sentiment with us about the most controversial decisions that were made, I’d like to thank those that sided with us and fought for the players’ interests


And who is to blame? Microsoft? Other Microsoft titles like Forza apparently do not have as egregious monetization. Gears did for a time but was changed after much outcry. Ske7ch also said the battle pass and premium cosmetics are still the future for the game at this point. So $8 for the color blue is the remain. Other problems like a lack of playlists because of the UI and problems with progression are on them.


Yeah, but Forza is not the cash cow that Halo is. Just sayin, huge opportunity…idk though, just walks like a duck

Then someone better learn the phrase, “Don’t kill the golden goose.”


There’s nothing like a good foie gras

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The person who created 343, runs 343, and is proud of the direction halo is going… has worked at MS since before Halo was created. What makes you think 343 isn’t MS and the higher ups aren’t in 343 themselves?

Does anyone here except the people in 343 know the full power structure at 343?

People need to stop separating 343 and MS.


Well, I guess I mean the employees at 343 when I say 343. You’re right, thank you for making that distinction. I think I’ll edit my post to clarify. But when I say “higher ups”, I do mean all of them, not just those at microsoft

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Sorry, I was slightly spicy there.

I just see too many people trying to separate the 2 all the time.

I mean I get it it’s not everyones fault over there, but I don’t really have sympathy for that, having been in a similar position multiple times on jobs. If they haven’t quit over it. they are getting paid enough to be ok with it.

No no not at all! It’s fine. Everyone’s allowed to have their opinions, and it’s a heated topic. No worries mate

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This is the problem. People like you thanking community leaders and members before they actually even do anything. :rofl:

How easy you are to please while nothing actually being changed.

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LOL ok now this is spicy :point_up_2:

Easy it is just a game, there are others. I am disappointed a little too, but whew.

I’ve been fightin the good fight on this forum for months now. And who says I’m pleased? I’m just thanking the ones who are with us on these important issues trying to fight for them internally

the developers, the people who write code and playtest the game, do not have much sway over those who make the financial decisions.

also halo infinite is xbox’s flagship game, has been in development for 6 years and has been delayed for a year, which runs the game wildly overbudget. it’s silly to suggest microsoft would treat this game like forza.


Yes, I’m sure it’s all on Microsoft. I bet they made them separate customization with armor cores. Or made them take away basic color customization with their coatings. Or made it so you don’t unlock the same gear from armor kits but instead must buy them from the store if you want to put them on individually. And I’ll bet they even deviously made 343 make their UI so burdensome that they can’t make playlists changes easily but just so happens to make challenge swaps important.

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Again, going off of what Sack of Dongles said (I love that name) this creates a false distinction between Microsoft and 343. All of the higher ups are in my line of fire here

Well, hopefully 343 gets whatever data they need to combine MS to allow them to make changes. Course, I didn’t get the impression from Ske7ch that was a priority with the team. And I personally can’t be all that sympathetic to him pulling the “it costs money to run the game” argument when his game sells a free color for $8 on his games store.

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Well. 343 are known to change/gimp gameplay feature for Immersion, so I am sure the original idea was more “Not all tech works together, so only some tech can work with other tech.” or some other such nonsense.

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Problem is I see these posts everytime 343 is like

“Sorry we require the blood of your first born to get an armor bundle. We are having on going discussions to find something that works better for you guys!”

You guys are like


You do know the best way to send a message to them is by not buying it right? I know it’s frustrating, but there are a ton of other threads to flame 343 in, and better ways to engage the community who feeds that behavior.

Like teabagging. a tradition as old as Halo, to show displeasure with ones virtual actions. Just expect to get tebagged back.

Supporting the artists and creatives behind the game, which did a pretty decent job, with a positive thread isn’t a sin.

i wont thank 343 for anything, ever. tbh we are better off w/ bungie coming back and upgrading Halo 3. I’d pay 60$ for that