Deciding about Multiplayer Investment

For all of you studs out there still playing Halo religiously, what are you guys doing to keep you entertained? Are you grinding the leveling system, game battles, what is making you log in every day and play the game?

I want to get back into Halo and need maybe some outside motivation would help be see the light on this matter.

I absolutely love competitive playing at its best by the way, just seems like the community is lacking this currently in my eyes.

It’s all about the game!

I suppose, is MCC doing good now?

Well, rank grinding isn’t entertaining at all for me, but it keeps me playing.

I like killing people. All I need to keep me going.

I guess so haha

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> I like killing people. All I need to keep me going.

Same here kill people and get medals

I don’t care about my rank, for me it’s all about the headshot. Besides, I’m working on improving my skills in advance of Halo 6.

I haven’t worked toward grinding anything (in the game) for quite some time.

I log in to have fun…and shoot people. If it gets frustrating (even after a couple games), I log off and come back another day.

I’m hoping/anticipating H6 being announced soon (and being released this year)…and subsequently hoping for big improvements off of H5. To that end, I don’t really see the need and certainly don’t have the motivation to grind any achievements or progression systems. I’d suggest, with the haphazard team selection in matchmaking these days (if you’re going in solo/without a pre-determined group), just go in and have fun with a daily objective (win X number of games, get X number of headshots, etc).

I played a little last night, felt good.

Grinding levels, looking out for some clip moments, and it’s one of the things my twitch viewers enjoy watching. Also I love Halo and there’s no much else out in the way of multiplayer that holds my attention.

The desire to compete should be your motivation. Winning and out playing your opponent should be satisfying if you enjoy competing. In my opinion Halo 5 is very competitive.

I just enjoy Halo in general. I like the PvE side of things as well when I just want to play casually but I mainly just play super fiesta which is also pretty casual.

I love slayer but, I don’t like playing with teams so I also play ffa. I like ctf so I play breakout and arena but, what are the chances you will get a ctf game?

I need to hit the grind fast.