DecepticonCobra's Halo 5 Script

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Due to popular demand, I have decided to create another Halo script, this time for Halo 5. However, I have decided to not continue the story I began in my Halo 4 script. While I am sure this may seem disappointing to people who enjoyed my own story, I find myself with more options with 343i’s Halo 4 than with my own.

As far as what you can expect this time around, I will be doing a main campaign script along with a Spartan Ops script. The addition of Spartan Ops brings a lot of potential for storytelling and I intend to make it count. I will also add Terminals to flesh out the backstory, but not make them completely essential to understand the main plot, think more along the lines of the Halo: CEA Terminals.

I hope this is the beginning of another great journey for everyone. I learned a lot from my previous work and hope to top it.

Thank you for reading.

> Table of Contents
> Prologue
> Mission I: Part I, Part II, Part III, Terminal 1
> Mission II: Part I, Part II, Part III, Terminal 2
> Mission III: Part I,Part II, Part III

great cant wait to read it

Looking forward to see your direction with this, Cobra; so many possibilities!

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That is a dumb idea, you’re an incredibly uncreative person.

I really enjoyed the Halo 4 script you wrote. Keep it up man.


Scene: HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6, Sydney, Australia.

Fade In From Black

CAPTAIN THOMAS LASKY is seen walking down a brightly lit white hallway while being escorted by two armed Marines. The captain approaches a black door with a placard to the right that reads “ADMIRAL SERIN OSMAN”. The flag lieutenant standing by the door salutes CAPTAIN LASKY and says:


Captain Lasky, the admiral will see you now.

The door slides open and reveals a dimly lit room obscured mostly by shadow. At the end of the room is a visible desk, a large ONI symbol on the wall and a woman sitting with her hands clasped together. ADMIRAL OSMAN says:


You may enter captain.

CAPTAIN LASKY enters the office with the door shutting behind him with a THUD. The admiral motions for him to sit on a nearby chair and says:


Tell me what happened on during the closing days of the Requiem Campaign, captain.


Ma’am, if this is about Doctor Halsey…

The admiral raises her hand to stop CAPTAIN LASKY mid-sentence and replies:


I’m not looking for excuses, Thomas. Just give me the facts.


Doctor Halsey was sent to the Infinity to the ship’s engines and the problem was traced back to an artifact we picked up on Requiem. This brought Halsey into contact with Jul 'Mdama and the eventual invasion of the Infinity and kidnapping of the doctor.


Would you not agree then that Halsey was taken by the enemy and as a highly valuable asset, she had to be taken care of?

The captain begins to look visibly distressed and leans forward in his chair while pointing his finger at the admiral saying:


An assassination attempt wasn’t necessary with all due respect, ma’am. Fireteam Majestic and Commander Palmer showed that infiltrating 'Mdama’s base was possible and had their been better communication between the two we could’ve rescued Halsey.

The admiral cracks a devious grin and grabs a cup of coffee to her side and starts to mix in sugar. While she mixes her drink, she replies:


And yet Halsey was neither captured nor killed and is still in the hands of the Covenant. Is that not true, captain?


Yes, ma’am.

The admiral nods her head and says:


Black Box, run the recording of the Baldur Incident.

Suddenly, a blue holographic cube representing the AI BLACK BOX materializes and says:


Would you prefer I give Captain Lasky the full view of his failure or a more personal viewing?


The former please.

BLACK BOX expands to cover the whole room in a blue light with CAPTAIN LASKY now witnessing a 3D experiences of the recording. Holographic figures appear inside the room representing Spartan-IVs and scientists in an arctic environment. Plasma fire flashes across the room as holographic Elites and other Covenant soldiers come into frame. The Spartans and scientists are backed up against a Forerunner structure and cut down one by one from overwhelming odds. A final Spartan stands amidst their comrades before a Promethean Knights teleports by them and kills them. CAPTAIN LASKY stands up, causing the recording to pause, and, distraught, asks:


What is this spectacle all about, Admiral Osman!


Calm yourself and you will see, continue Black Box.

The recording continues with an Elite placing their hand on a panel by the Forerunner structure with no apparent success. They wave over and DR. HALSEY walks into frame along with JUL 'MDAMA. Still missing an arm, DR. HALSEY places her hand on the panel and the door opens, causing the Covenant to apparently cheer. JUl 'MDAMA pushes DR. HALSEY along inside, ending the recording as BLACK BOX vanishes in a flash. The room returns to its previously dark state.

ADMIRAL OSMAN leans towards CAPTAIN LASKY and says:


Because you failed to head my orders to the fullest and ensured that Halsey was taken care of, a fireteam of Spartans and the scientists they were supposed to protect were all killed on the remote moon of Baldur in the Beta Centauri System. Perhaps more disconcertingly, a cache of unknown Forerunner technology was given to the Covenant. All this because Dr. Halsey in working for the Covenant now, something that could’ve easily been avoided.

The captain stands staring at the admiral, looks down at the ground and raises his eyes asking:


So what happens now?


ADMIRAL OSMAN: Simple, Tom. You will fix this mistake by hunting down Halsey and the Covenant and eliminating both. Humanity can ill afford to allow such threats to exist while we rebuild and assert our dominance on the galaxy.

Very interesting Prologue Cobra! I’m looking forward to seeing where your script will be going. Keep it up!

Very nice and a tender sweet opening with some heavy classic verbal clashing. This is better then some of the descriptions i’ve read over some of the books. I can’t wait for you to continue it and I felt like I was actually simulating peices of the halo 5 openings in my head. **********10 stars!

I give it a 15 out of 10! It was great.

Its better then I think 343 or Bungie could write. Wonderful start to it. Hope to see some more.

> “SERIN OSMAN: Physically, nothing, But he has shown an increase of anti-social behavior and a general coldness towards others. It’s textbook post-traumatic stress disorder, but nobody knows how to treat a Spartan with it. He just isn’t himself.”

I highly doubt there is nothing Physically wrong with John. Remember,he was evolved by the Librarian. even Cortana noted that his vitals were off the charts. So, while there were no major injuries sustained by him in Halo 4, I’d think ONI would realize that something about his physicality has changed. Just thought I’d point that out.
Great script overall,I’ve always enjoyed reading these kinds of things. Keep it up.

Like what was mentioned before, I could totally visualize EVERYTHING you just wrote. Good job. It’d be a good opportunity to show how Master Chief escaped 04 and how there are other Spartan II’s besides him that are still alive.

I liked this a lot, but I’m afraid I’ll have to play the bad guy here again.

Not much is wrong, of course. You’re a pretty talented script-writer. However, I will say that including the events of First Strike in the flashback might be a little… disconcerting to fans who haven’t read the books. People will think “when did this happen?” and so forth.

Again, overall, very well done. I look forward to the next installment.

great prologue so far… Your h4 script made me want to write my version of H5 :slight_smile:

> I liked this a lot, but I’m afraid I’ll have to play the bad guy here again.
> Not much is wrong, of course. You’re a pretty talented script-writer. <mark>However, I will say that including the events of First Strike in the flashback might be a little… disconcerting to fans who haven’t read the books.</mark> People will think “when did this happen?” and so forth.
> Again, overall, very well done. I look forward to the next installment.

I can see and understand that completely. As for them asking when it happened, I hope “Remember how you got back from the first Halo?” would suffice. I know that is a question a few people still pose, so I thought why not hit two birds with one stone? Explain that and provide context for Halsey to help Chief work past his fear of losing people.

No doubt it could be better though.

This is looking awesome Cobra.

I’m not sure if you’ve moved past this already but I believe during the training exercise where they steal the pelican, chief promises himself that he would never leave anyone behind. If you still want to delve on the chief’s emotions, that might be useful. Just be careful on the self-pity; with too much it can be hard to enjoyably read from any character’s perspective, especially Master Chief. There’s a decent difference between “I’m a failure” and “I failed” when reading, if you can understand.

This is awesome though, please, keep writing! 343 should definitely look at some of the plot-lines you present, you do a great job :D.

Love the First Strike references, I miss that book. Keep it up!

Can’t wait to see the rest!

Pretty cool, although maybe you should hold off until Spartan Ops is done in a few weeks just in case something drastic happens/changes before you continue.

ossum possum needz a cryout for Crimson’s achievments in Requeim when Halsley mentions Infinity and its SpartanIVs

That was some pretty fine reading if I do say so myself! Most excellently written, though there was one small thing that bugged me, being that John said “I’m a failure”. I don’t know, it just seems to me that replacing that with “I have failed” sounds a bit more like something John would say. However, that’s just how I see it, and it’s a marvelous piece of work either way. I look forward to seeing the rest of this, keep it up!