Decent Teammates for Arena Season 14

Im wanting to get onyx on this account in season 14 and then I’m gonna be quitting Halo for all intensive purposes.

So, If you’re decent, Know call outs, Are competetive but not a rager it’d be grand if you could message me GT “Doubles n Arena”. Since we’d be searching 2’s in Arena I’ll want to play 3-4 rounds of doubles with you first to kind of build a sense of cooperation(basicly melding our play styles) and then some Arena.

If Arena isn’t your thing but your still pretty decent feel free to message me for tryharding TeamSlayer(Just for Kicks) or Customs(DMR/Snipes or DMR FFA or MLG) TBH I wont be playing TS much but when I have no Arena Teammates on.

This is a new account so if you’re good and wanna test me out feel free to invite me too customs.(DMR/Snipes or DMR FFA or MLG)

*Speak English
*Have a Mic(I have a crummy 10$ one atm but I WILL have a better one within 2 weeks)
*Know Call Outs for Arena Maps

Really half tempted to join ya

I’ll think on it…you might have me as a teammate if you’re interested.