Decent player looking for clan

I am kinda tired of beating parties of N00BS. I am a pretty decent Halo Player but Halo isn’t the Only FPS game i play i have a 1.29 in BF3. Halo Reach 1.59 weapon of choice Sniper Rifle or DMR. I beat many clan leaders back in Halo Reach i may have lost 5-6 but won the rest check my Halo Reach history if you don’t believe me. Halo 4 K/D 2.64 weapon of choice DMR and my side arm BoltShot or Pistol. I been a lone wolf in Halo 4 and do pretty well in Halo 4 :D.
Halo 3 i was a N00b kinda played in for a month then moved to Reach.
Past Clans from the Start My clan Spartans Of Halo/The True Spartans/NavSpecWar/Navcom (Last three same clan)
I usually like clans with Ranks and Divisions, and that are well known.
With a site and maybe a You-Tube channel. Usually have Raids and clan battles and are active.
Please message me or PM me.

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Hey contact me over XBL, I might have something you are interested in

will do.