December Update Performance Issues?

I’ve noticed after the December update I’ve gotten a lot more lag in matches and have just overall been doing terrible and playing with a team that doesn’t even half compare to my ranking always, and they always quit. Everything feels slowed down or something. I’m not the best player but I’ve managed to keep a 4.5 for slayer and it went down to 4.2 in two matches because of lag, people quitting and just me overall not being able to perform like I should. I know it could just be that I’m sucking it up right now but my friends seem to be having the same issue, any one else feel gameplay differences or running into this sort of problem?

…January update?

I’ll have whatever he’s smoking please.

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> …January update?
> I’ll have whatever he’s smoking please.

Well I meant December but it says January 2016 season which is why I said that as well. Thanks for the help funny guy. By the way I fixed it for you so you would stop making Mary j jokes too