Dec 8th official multiplayer release date. What to expect

December 8th the official day for the multiplayer halo release (non-beta).

Crossplay toggle? Ranked Game modes? New maps? Better customization? Now able to customize HCS armors?

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december 8th is the official actually.

I hope you’re not getting your hopes up for any of that


What we can likely expect on the 8th is a patch to fix some small bugs and issues. Beyond that, probably nothing.


According to 343, the full multiplayer experience is already available.

Expect no changes on Dec. 8th other than extremely minor stability improvements plus campaign being made available.

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Yeah I’m guessing none of that on the 8th. Probably no changes to the multiplayer, just campaign releases.

Nah I don’t believe it. This can’t be the full game. I really hope you are wrong otherwise this game won’t last.

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I bet 1000 Credits, when we launch the Game on December 8th, EVERYTHING will be completely different.

The whole interface will be different, you will be greeted by some warm, welcoming music and someone is offering finger food (some fancy, crispy, very thin sliced stuff). Prices in Store will drop down to 1/10 of what they are right now. Beta Players will have some free credits out of nowhere, as a thank-you-gift for being patient. There will be a whole lot more customization options, for free, right from the beginning. And did I mention the 3 new BTB maps? They are very vehicle focused - and driving those vehicles just feels perfect now. Biggest surprise: Forge got released early. So quickly after, you will see a rich variety of community maps and the custom game browser will become THE place to be.


Things to expect: Nothing.

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nothing everything you see is what you get for the next 6 months

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This “beta” isn’t even a real beta. It’s more of an Early Access. There was never an intention of adding more MP content on launch day.


343 dropped the ball… Big time!

No King of the Hill, no Slayer playlist, limited maps, awful cross-play, BTB is a mess, aiming is weird, the obsessive reliance on “competitive” gameplay, on and on…

I’m loving the game, but damn… I’m amazed at how bare bones this is for a massive AAA title like Halo.

Leadership at 343 seems absolutely clueless - do they have any idea what makes Halo so special for its fans? I’m not convinced they do at this point.

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Lol. Nope. I wouldn’t even expect a day 1 patch for multiplayer. Any updates are likely to come later in the month. They’ve already said (several times) what we are playing now is the full content offering for MP launch

I wouldn’t expect anything on the 8th, but they did mention they are hoping to drop some content before the end of the month. After that, the next biggest push for this game most likely won’t be until Season 2. You can expect multiple events to be released between now and Season 2 though. Hopefully those events are intertwined so once one ends for that week, another will pick up the following week.

So why is the game still called “Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta”, If it is not the Beta can someone explain that to me?

This can’t be the final game come on man they spend half a billion USD on this journey.

So they can get away from being Cyberpunked just by calling it Beta.
Game is unfinished, there are many important bugs and they probably try to test some stuff. Just hate the idea that they try to milk the money from us with a poor quality product.

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I’ll see you back here on December 8th cuz I love saying I told you so lmao

It’s probably because they wanted to release the game on the 20th Anniversary for promotional purposes and didn’t have the time to completely work everything out from the test flights a few weeks prior. It was a marketing strategy to increase the player base, more than likely.

Also, the $500 mil budget wasn’t a one time spend all. The budget is meant to sustain the game for the next 10 years. Look at it as a $50 mil a year budget, with up and down adjustments over time. Once the game is at a stable level, if it ever gets there, then it’s all profit after that. If it takes 5 years to get the game where they want it, they spend approximately $250 mil. The other $250 mil is a placeholder, and all profits from in game purchases add to that amount until the net worth of the game exceeds what was already borrowed/used.

Here it is loyal halo community. Finally, what we have been waiting for, Dec 8th the official release, the non-beta multiplayer experience.

Who is ready for this jaw dropping changes???

Let’ssssssssss Goooooooooooooooooo!!!

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Literally nothing lol if you expected changes you are a fool welcome to a lazy game studio who is now only going to introduce new game modes when they have armor, skins, and colors you can unlock with money or putting in 8 hours a day

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