Dec 10,anyone else excited?

Anyone else excited for tomorrow’s changes, new maps and the addition of Extraction even though we’re losing Koth(for now)? I know I am, I know this game isn’t perfect but I love it and can’t wait to log on after downloading the dlc and jump right into the action.

Not really. I’m gonna be playing Assassins Creed 3.

I have the LE so I can get the maps without paying anything extra. I will download them to my two xboxes, but I doubt I will be playing them.

I am, but i sadly have no money to purchase the maps until after the 16th :frowning:
But as long as Extraction is added without the need of having them i’ll be all good ;D

I should really complete Dishonored, but I will dedicate this week to Halo 4.

Nope if anything people will be playing better games.

Extraction is ultra competitive and ultra fun, so needless to say I’m a bit excited…which doesnt happen much on this game

Oh Extraction! another territories rip off!

Super excited for extraction

What time (Mountain time) will I be able to download them? I’ll stay up all night if they come out around midnight.

Hopefully the new maps are fun, either way I love extraction so that’s a plus.

Does anyone know what time they usually make matchmaking changes?

When daily achievments countdown reaches zero is my best bet. Only a couple of hours to go :slight_smile:

Don’t know why but for some reason I am not as well. If it was for HALO REACH yea. I don’t it’s something about the multiplayer in HALO 4 that does not move me like in previous HALO’s.

Yes, I’m looking forward to the new maps. Even though that thought is anathema to many here.

> Oh Extraction! another territories rip off!

Extraction is a unique gametype. It’s like a Dominion/CTF/KOTH crossover moreso than territories in my opinion.

Yeah… I kind of wish that at least one of the maps were featured in FFA. Also, they really need to buff the vehicles in this game, namely the Warthog and Ghost. Seeing as most of these maps are vehicle-heavy…

I’m also hoping to see some of these maps in Spartan Ops when the second half of Season 1 begins. That would be awesome.

must play maps!!!

I’m excited. We need some new maps


Yes, I am excited.