deathwish clan recruits needed!

we need strong willing recruits to join or halo clan add me on xbox live for questions or concerns
my GT is John Drop Dead
everyone is welcome!
another thing when you join you’ll have to pick a division
army(heavy weapons and machinery tanks rocket launchers etc)
spec ops (quiet active camo snipers swords etc)
rangers(basic dmrs brs carbine recommended as a first class etc)
once you graduate all these you’ll be able to run a fire team consisting of you and 3 other spartans
remember to send me a message saying what division you want to join!

Hey John. Is the Deathwish clan interested in having a 4v4 scrimmage some time? If so please add and message “paradlse” (no that’s not a typo it’s actually an L) on Xbox so we can work out the details.