DeathSquad, Recruiting.

I am recruiting for a clan (name on topic), we’ve been a clan since halo 3. Halo reach we have quite a few people, four teams, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta. Team colors are blue, red, green, and gold/yellow (that’s in the team order). I AM NOT THE CLAN FOUNDER, all though I’m a team leader. Practices will be held, going through free for alls, team games and octagon. You must have a working mic, must be over the age of 15, and must have a CSR of at least 20-25. For those who want training and help with certain things such as map placements, movement (strafing, or strategic thinking), help with weapons of choice, and also team work. No GamerTag changes needed, only your Xbox profiles bio and/or motto. Message my GamerTag for details or recruiting. XxEhSAp420xX, or message the person in second command for recruiting, Vago Loko.