Deathmatch *hunt them down* mode


One really annoying bit about Deathmatch is that once the enemy player’s base is destroyed, the game is over (or shortly thereafter).

It would be a lot more fun if you had a mode where you had to destroy every remaining enemy unit. Any chance you could add that?

It could be fun for both sides, running around trying to hunt down that one guy on a jackrabbit or trying to outrun the vastly larger enemy army with your one sniper :slight_smile:


I don’t see the point for that, once the last base is destroyed a player does have about a minute to build another, as long as there is any unit left. However such units are often eliminated quickly since they might been either defending their last base or attacking.

I don’t know man, that might just be an annoyance for some ranked matches you know?
Whether it deserves it’s own gamemode is beyond me though. It’s a fun idea! Just not sure how it would be a worthy edition.