Death to a Soldier halo RIP why?

Ill briefly explain a history of how i am here today telling you about my concerns

.I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. I was 13 years old when i recieved Halo 2 for xbox live,

i had played system link halo 1 and the whole shibang of excitement, and my gaming genes had been in me since i picked up mario and Donkey kong…

at the end of halo 2 i was close on what seemed to be performing at a professional gaming level when i was around 16. or the beginning of Halo 3.

I go to school for graphic design and understand pretty much everything art related, just to summarize my idea.

What happened to this franchise…I can break halo 4 down and tell you all the games incorporated into it

This is why its not halo …

*The way your spartan holds a battle rifle, the skin detail on his hand /similar to perfect dark Zero, first shooting game for 360 i bought.

*the burst of the battle rifle/the Sound of the battle rifle / bullet spread, delay/and the overall damage compared to the DMR. Not similar to any of the previous games.

*Scoped View while taking Fire.defeating skill to shoot distances/incorporating bullet spread and delay thats been taken out.

*The grappling assassinations/ gears of war/as well as Promethean/forerunner characters in campaign.

*Ranking system and customization of spartans/call of duty/taking away from the pure honor to be the one and only master chief/desensitization of profiling people.

*Settling for making the game too consistent, lack of skill and or ability to perform at a higher level, talking about halo. making this game similar to those that already exist on the platfrom.for ex. call of duty. its not halo…

  • What happened to the music for the matchmaking custom lobby/and the intro to the game/ how does that reflect.For instance the music sounds overall not peaceful almost bad in a way demonic.but i am sesitive to what i allow my self to be embellished by as we should all

*morals in the game that are now forced… when you kill the flag carrier or objective player or in an objective game it now says"flag carrier killed" or " kill the flag Carrier" Desensitization.accepting virtual murder.

  • Ordinance and weapon drops/tactical packages/call of duty.

  • as well as customization and ranking , halo 3 finish the fight. halo 4 recruit… so whats it going to be


Question??? weird coinidence or pattern?

Halo 1 released- Assault Rifle…

Halo2 released- Battle Rifle…No Assault Rifle.

Halo 3 Battle Riffle… Assault Rifle…

HAlo reach…No Battle Rifle…DMR…

HAlo 4 Battle riffle…assault riffle… Dmr

So we all loved halo 1 Right?

But why do thousands of people play the series…? campaign…live/multiplyer…?

Halo Anniversary- released with a touched up campaign and graphics remastered.
And the multiplayer? its halo reach multiplayer for halo 1 anniversary.

Halo 3 MLG playlist… maps came out, but in order to continue to stay true and play halo 3 mlg . I was now forced to buy a 40 to 60 $ game i would never play just to get maps…by buying halo 3 odst. …are you serious…

I can say for sure that they would like to open there demographic or people that would play the game…but in reality ive had the history of 7 years dedication to a video game, and the people creating have no more of an idea than the people playing it… give them a break right?? This is my break, discontinuation of playing the game…

I know how one will write on the comment… the fight, the journey cant wait or will be finished with out you… truth is there will be a game and when that game comes out they will be in the same boat trying to become just as skilled as everyone, and the thing is halo is the game and the style that needs to be taken note of, because if not, the simplicity of the game will not be forgotten, and if not, someone will.

It doesnt matter how much money you make, but the heart you put into something, god loves us for our hearts, not our money. I will die for the things and people i love, These actions prove that they possibly sre part of The mass industry that is controlled by a higher power or that they as well do not believe in god.