Death Of Halo 5?!?!

First off I think it’s ridiculous you have to have a topic title like before people will look inside.
This game is losing gamers by the day. We get it 343, you focused on the competitive side of Halo. Honestly I grind it out, but there is some days where I wanna get on and play rumble pit multi-team, team objective, social slayer, etc, and not worry my rank. I mean I would like to play with my lower rank friends to with out then getting completely destroyed. Some people are gonna say play warzone, I do and I get burnt out after about 2-3 games.
But it vintage nostalgic Halo comes with those social playlist for a lot of people. Is there any date on which they will come out? Will they ever come out?

I agree with this. 343 did good with the rest of the game, in my opinion. But they could’ve put more playlists in. I play the game constantly, but I feel that they could’ve broken down the team arena playlist inot the games that are in it.

December is the target month for classic Halo.

I’m really hoping for the death of these “The sky is falling” threads. How do you know what the population numbers are day by day?

Mmmhhhmmm stoped playing myself, only come onto these forums to watch the game burn.