Death Comms, Kill Cam

It would be dope to have Kill Cams. I think this is something people will always beg for also can we get death comms. I would love to hear people mad hahaha. Could just be me but that would be super dope.

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No thanks, go play halo 4…


No, I disagree.

Halo 4 had them, people didn’t like it.


I want death cams back since it was a decent toxicity deterrent (IE body disrespectful conduct such as teabagging and such) and was sometimes helpful to see where cowardly players are hiding after they sniped you or frag spammed you like a coward.

It would also be nice if they also brought in auto spectate (on teammates) after the death cam finishes. It worked well in H4 (despite the minor flaws it had) and also in the H5 Beta.

*cue the naturally disrespectful comments from the kill cam haters.

I think H4 system was actually good for 2 reasons.

  1. You could see how you died so there’d be less wtf moments. I spend half my time on halo wtf-ing.

  2. I find the H5 cams gave an unfair advantage to the dead player - they could see where the player that just killed them was headed and kill them when they respawned. With the H4 version, this advantage only worked against campers who deserve everything they get.

  3. I can’t count.

With potential hacking. I gotta seen on the occasions of how i’m dying

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With potential hacking. I gotta seen on the occasions of how i’m dying and protecting the future of the game personally

I want kill cams to come back because I get Tbagged and it hurts my feelings.

Lol if you want Kill cams try Halo 4

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Teabagging is tradition.

Halo 4 and 5 were def fun…but they were also took Halo as an IP into more mainstream Madden Shooter territory. The whole point of Infinite is getting back to basics and the games roots which make it stand out.

Part of that is NOT having kill cams is just being a core element of Halo and it doesn’t give you direct info on what the other team/player is doing. KC’s give too much away and I don’t care if it’s casual, it’s unneeded resources. Not to mention that client side replays can be jank leading to people thinking they’re seeing a cheater or exploit.

While I do enjoy the quips from death comms, it’s not really a Halo thing + that requires people actually defaulting to having a mic enabled. (Although if you’re set to PTT and die it should auto-PTT).

I do miss the open lobby chat in matchmaking like in Halo 3 or Squad for instance, but I feel like Kotaku would start righting slam pieces on the game “I was outraged that I went on the internet and heard foul dirty things spoken to me”.

Keeping things simple means less jank and better focus. Just sit and think about why you’re dead like a timeout haha.


I’d just like to move my camera around while I’m dead on the ground.

Yeah I’d rather look around, see someone teabagging me, potentially get caught off guard and becoming the one being teabagged. Can’t do that with death cams. lol

It’s not just that, it’s because teabagging along with overkilling and or fisticuffing those you frag in-game is a form of visual disrespect/harassment to others.

Disrespecting and harassing others in game is just wrong, both visual and verbal. I was just giving my two-cents, don’t be rude. :roll_eyes:

Death cams would be good but they didn’t work too well in halo 4, it needs to show you what the killer actually saw on their screen to be effective, not what your Xbox thinks they saw (e.g. shooting through walls).

I think kill cams would go a long way in understanding some deaths that just confuse the crap out of players.

They would have to be optional of course, but I wouldn’t mind them.

Omg I want this back so badly, death comms are my guilty pleasure