Death by 1000 Cuts

I don’t want this post to come off completely negative, so I’ll just say, after 6 hours of playing Halo Infinite, I’m happy to say it’s been an enjoyable experience so far. However I feel this game suffers from so many issues, although not all of them are game breaking, combined these glaring issues will hurt the population soon if not fixed.

Global ranking system is such a huge oversight, not rewarding players xp based on performance, rather they will limit your progression to challenges for the battle pass

Battle Pass is such a shame. Your progression is limited to the random challenges that appear. If a challenge encourages a player to complete a certain task, even if it means not working with your team or playing the objective, obviously they will do the challenge. The game doesn’t reward you for helping your team.

Needler sounds like a cheap smg

Surprised 10 years ago, Halo Reach had a Ranking System, commendations to work towards, and not to mention Forge, Co-op campaign and all the game modes we come to love. Oh but we got the store up and running, and Billy Bob can spend $200 on armors and skins. It’s always been investors over consumers.

Such a shame this game is so well polished, and it could fall badly due to the many many issues present.


Welcome to the modern gaming industry.
It’s a long way down.

True, they (the AAA studios) are trying to see how far they can push us. It will continue to be worse the more videogames are popular and “casual” players who don’t care much about it are becoming the majority of the audience.

Indies are the way to go to have devs who care about the players.
I don’t mean that 343 devs don’t care about their playerbase, but it seems that’s there always someone higher in the hierarchy who decide money is more important.

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My personal issues with the Needler is that it doesn’t always seem to track even when your reticle dictates it should. Trying to do the shooting range challenge and most of the needles are just flying off into the background while some are actually tracking.

Yeah, the needler is weak, it seems that it takes too much time to supercombine, probably because the needles don’t hit well the enemies like you said.