Death and Decay: Spartan Company

Hey guys, I am just going to post our entire bio here. Anyone looking to join, comment below and I will send you invites!

  • Competitive and skilled, bent on reaching the highest ranks in arena playlists
  • Our forums will host varieties of discussions based on strategy, team finding, and overall banter about Halo 5!
  • Prefer active members who enjoy grinding out games in matchmaking along with playing social matches here and there
  • Although this clan is more designed for matchmaking, those who want to achievement and easter egg hunt should also join, because PvE aspects are also integral
  • Requirements:
  • Be able to communicate well and be highly skilled in previous halos
  • Be kind and helpful in the forums (Prefer those who post often!)
  • Since this company is for the more elite and skilled player, all members will be checked biweekly for matchmaking stats to see whether or not they
    belong here. (Keep in mind other variables such as: Activity, Cooperativeness, etc. will play into it) (Not total nazis about stats)
  • Everyone who joins is appreciated and we hope you stay, if not, best of luck
  • See you soon!