Dear Warden,

Dear Warden,

Ever since we’ve seen you in the campaign, and normal Warzone. You have always been there waiting for our arrival. I know we had our little disagreements, but we made up in the end. And now, ever since Warzone Firefight came out, you have been a little more “hostile” than before. Because when we often arrive, we don’t get the pleasantry of a nice conversation. We often get lasered so hard, it would seem someone put an automatic Spartan Laser up your face and added aimbot to it. And hence when we arrive, I feel that we can’t get back up after our conversation, until shortly after the timer ends. I hope we get a better understanding the next time we meet.

Truly yours,
Alpha Recon1911


-Yoink- the warden


lol what?

I just wanted Warden to know, we think he has a sunburn.

Dear Warden, I know you were in love with Cortana and failed to do so sorry you failed.
From SaneMountain, The SexyMountain.

Dear Warden. Sorry 343 turned you into Cortana’s white knight and she blue balls you but there is no reason to take your frustrations out on us. I’m sure we can come to a mutual understanding.

from alliesend

Dear Warden,
Please, please, eat my bullets and don’t kill me.
From SilkyThread
(I always -Yoink!- you when I kill you :wink:).

Dear Warden, I saw your brother Daryl and your other brother Daryl the other day… it’s not that I hate them less than you, but they’re actually somewhat more interesting.