Dear the community,

Dear Community,
I know perks and loadouts sound a lot like cod, and you feel that bungie ruined reach with the ability to run; but 343i isnt bungie. I think we can trust 343 to implement the change in a good way thats helpful to all the players. While i know you dont want sprint, because it distorts map control for some people, i would like to say it might be a good thing.

And while i know you guys think the perks and loadouts seem to much like Call of Duty, we have no idea yet how 343i will actually put these items in the game. Heck you might actually like them if you just give it a try. And if 343 adds killstreaks, uav recon and throwing knives, then you can tell me they are turning Halo into Call of Duty.

We know nothing about how 343 is implementing these new changes into the game, and if we dont like the new changes once we know more about them we can complain as an organized group and think of ways to change it up without asking them to take it from the game completely.

If you guys were true halo fans like many of you claim to be, you would give halo 4 a chance. I know a lot of you saw what bungie did to reach, and you didnt like it, btu 343 isnt bungie. I think its likely that 343 learned from bungies mistake in the way that bungie set everything up, and we can expect a good, clean game. If not guys, its still halo, and i think 343 is more likely to listen to us more than bungie ever did.

People complaining about every decision that 343 makes wont help anything at all. They are a new company, and this is their first real game. So lets give them the benfit of the doubt until we know or have seen more of the game, and let them continue on with what they’re doing.

Lets enjoy halo for being halo, the game that stuck around with us for 10 years and continues to grow and expand. Sometimes things change, halos changing, btu we dont know yet if its for better or for worse. So lets hope for the better, and continue to enjoy halo in the mean time.

Fellow Halo player,


No joke we have little to no information on these new changes so therse no reason to start a wich hunt yet