Dear Sprint Haters

Dear Sprint Haters,

You write your comments like sprint is absolutely breaking the game and it isn’t. It obviously isn’t because there are a lot of people who enjoy it.

That being said I want to meet the community halfway and I would be okay if sprint was nerfed a little. Without taking it out completely what are some good ideas to add to the game that would limit sprint?

Example: What if getting shot before you achieve max speed knocks you out of sprint?
I recognize that thruster is still an option but they can’t escape by running as easily if they are being shot…

What if they had a tagging system where you can mark an opponent for the rest of your team to see? It lasts 3 seconds on opponents with full shields but if they have weak or low shields and decide to run away and keep running it it will last 3 seconds after they get full shields again. the longer they run the longer your team can see them…?

Its not that I think these ideas are great, its that I want more ideas for how to limit sprint because it will not be taken out of this game.

Thoughts? Ideas? Constructive criticism?

It’s hard to balance sprint because it’s sheer existence in a halo game is relatively unbalanced.

One of my complaints about sprint is how when combined with the thruster pack it makes chasing a ton easier and it also makes escaping a ton easier. If it needs to stay in, I would like for it to be nerfed a bit, the Spartans are always running anyway, not sure why they should be able to sprint across the entire level. Also, with the radar seeming to have a very limited range, people sprinting right up into your position is insanely surprising. So yeah, toned down would be nice.

“It obviously isn’t because there are a lot of people who enjoy it.”

If that’s how you judge things as being game breaking then i’m glad your not helping to make this game lol. Imagine if DICE has said the same with BF3, “oh the dart gun isn’t game breaking, because people like it” haha -Yoink-