Dear Pierre Hintze: Please do this to boost fan morale

Do a forthright, honest, no PR talk, old style Viidoc going over Infinite’s development, the current situation and how things are going to be going forward.

As the team is well aware, the roadmap was the final straw in what feels more like a cynical, life-sucking death march. Fan morale is understandably low at this point and there’s a lot of confusion and dismay.

Understand that Halo is meant to be a fun party game that ‘can’ also be a competitive shooter.

And bring back Marty. Please. If at the end of the video explaining the situation and reassuring us of the IP’s future; if you close with “Oh yeah, I think you know this guy…” and announce Marty is back. The fanbase will be stoked. Reunite our boy Marty with our boy Joe. I want to be excited again for my favoirite series of all time instead of feeling like I’m trudging through a miserable void.

“Vidoc” - what is that?

A video documentary style that Bungie used to do, and still does even for Destiny. It’s like half cinematic trailer of upcoming content and features, and half behind the scenes and interviews with the developers.

343 isn’t really making any content worth showcasing though, and all of their event trailers are extremely short and lazy

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343i may not have much content ready to show but they can and should show whatever they can and focus on what’s coming, without secrecy; they kind of need to do this after eroding everyone’s faith and commitment. And they can also address the other things I mentioned.

They are doing those videos for Forge which is nice but not enough.

Our boy Marty wouldn’t bring anything to the gameplay, and I don’t think our boy Joe was brought in for the reasons you think.

Remember, after delays and another year, the only thing that works properly is the shop.