Dear Haters/Downers of Halo 4,

You may complain all you want. The main fact is that we ALL know that you will be getting Halo 4 no matter what. Have your opinions, its great that you have them otherwise you would be mindless idiots complaining about stuff we dont care about. But in the true reality Youre still gonna get the game.

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Ah, once again, complaining about complainers is still complaining…

Here we go again. Complaining about complainers.

It doesn’t help…

Ok then. Thought maybe this would, actually why did I make this post. Huh did not think this one through too well. It’ll disappear soon. As in not get any posts and go to the bottom of the page and onto page #2

Exactly. Everybody here is obviously going to get the game. I for one do not think this post is complaining. And even if it was, so what? For God’s sake guys, this post isn’t being derogatory towards Halo 4; its supporting it by getting rid of all the hater’s whining and threats. How else are we going to attempt to change their opinions?