Dear Halo Reach Community

Dear, Halo Reach Community

I am looking for friends to play halo reach with. I would also like to play Halo 3 as well but reach is the most important. I am a fairly good player and would like other fans of halo to join me to kick butt in matchmaking. Message me on Xbox Live or post in the comments below to contact me:)

P.S. I also am looking for friends that would stay with me until the realease of Halo 4 and beyond.



You’ll want to post this in the “Recruiting” Forum.

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Hey man I have a clan called, Echo Clan. Most of us reside in VA. We are all around the age of 14 like myself. If you want to join u can message me. GT is SGTCHEESEWAGON. Im on spring break in Florida so i’ll reply through and I wont be able to play halo with u till next tuesday. Btw, how old are you?

I respect your trys, but he asked for some FREINDS to play with, not a clan.

If your mic’d and a team player, tags same s screen name here

just message me on xbl if you wanna play