Dear Devs: Some small but important UI/UX requests for the November update

Okay, I’ll try this again. Just made this topic and it disappeared, hopefully I’m not being messed with and it was just a glitch…

  • Individual weapon offsets. I’m pretty happy with most of my offsets except for a few like the Shotgun and Assault Rifle which look horrendously wonky.

  • Crosshair scaling. The crosshair feels at least 50% too large. Being able to separately scale the other sections of the HUD would be nice but scaling down the crosshair is what’s vital.

  • HUD aesthetic settings. Colour, opacity, scan lines, level of glow.

  • Implement Infinite’s ability to Ping where you’re looking, at least as an option.

  • Implement Infinite’s ability to drop weapons, at least as an option.

  • Implement Infinite’s/Halo Online’s/VISOR MODE’s outlines for weapons/grenades/equipment/vehicles, at least as an option.

  • Replace the horrible ‘COMPOSE YOUR MATCH’ crudely drawn banner.

  • ALL legacy menu backgrounds and loading screens and trailers added to the pool of menu backgrounds.

  • The colour Black added to all titles where Steel is the closest you can get. Ideally implement a nice colour wheel to select your colour options.

  • Godzilla skin for Spartan Laser.

  • Woodland skins for ALL UNSC weapons and vehicles.

  • Heretic skins for ALL Covenant weapons and vehicles.

  • ONI skins for all weapons and vehicles. New condition. Gloss black and brown leather. Tinted windshields.

  • Hands armour separated from Arms armour. I want Mark VI hands with different arms.

  • Fix the issue of upper arm armour and shoulders not always appearing in first person.

  • Upon completing a Campaign mission the options should be ‘Continue’, ‘Replay’ and ‘Leave’.

  • Main Menu music player. Select what track out of all soundtracks plays in the menu.

  • PC splitscreen. And for both PC and console, the ability to have wide-screen and the ability to choose horizontal or vertical split.

(Including some cosmetic options in the list because I feel like it lol plus they’re seen in first person or 3rd person and therefore part of the HUD)


Doesnt seem that small tbh.

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The software developer in me hurts to see that called a “small” feature list.

Small change I’d like to see is the ability to disable the post-match lineup screen from showing

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Size of list jokes aside I believe being able to scale the cross hair would go a long way for making H2C more palatable for newer players. If you increase the FOV in H2C the crosshair becomes massive and hard to gauge where it’s true center is.


See it as 18 relatively small requests or 1 big one I suppose. They’re not some small indie developer scraping by lol.

I never insinuated as much.

But these arent small.
Especially with the added hindrence of expidience and agemcy afforded by the AAA structure of teams.

And just the work these changes would take.
I dont consider it small at all.

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These two in particular are MASSIVE changes to the game. These arent “UI/UX” changes, these are complete fundamental changes.

People can use their voice for the first, the second doesn’t belong in Halo.


Why exactly do you find the second option as not belonging in Halo? It’s a pretty neat feature to grab weapons and distribute them among my fire team as I see fit. Maybe I grabbed the sniper, but would appreciate if my teammate used it over me. I don’t see it particularly antithetical to Halo’s formula.

Regardless I don’t disagree. These adds wouldn’t be simple and don’t seem very pressing.

I should have been more specific in my language. It doesnt belong in the Bungie-created Halo games.
I dont think functionality that changes core gameplay like this should be implemented, especially when the various “Anniversary” attempts have all fallen flat (Multiplayer). Essentially 1) it opens a ton of questions, such as timing windows / balancing (see how Infinite is affected by dropping a weapon to BR faster) and 2) 343 would mess it up.


Lets add Halo Infinites battery weapon recharge while we’re at it too. I love deleting weapons that my team could of used on the map.
If you dont want to use a weapon, don’t pick it up.

I think individually each of those recommendations are meant to be minor changes. It’s just that there’s a lot of them.

Even then most arent ui/ux or small hahahaha.