Dear Dev Team/The Achievement Thread

I have read every post IN THIS thread and what really baffles me is, why hasn’t ANYONE from 343i acknowledged anyone’s issues and or concerns with these achievements not popping or unlocking??? At least say something like “Sorry for the inconvenience, yes we are aware of the issue(s), we are currently working on a solution” - SOMETHING!!! This is terrible customer and community support on their half. We are letting them know how F’d up their product is and at least they could do is acknowledge us. There are soooooo many glitches within this game that its really ridiculous!!!

Achievements don’t work or pop when they are supposed to - check.
Certain levels skip yet give you credit for completing them but won’t give you achievements for completing said levels - check.
Finding skulls and not being able to use them right after - check.
And almost everyone’s favorite, MULTIPLAYER SHOT TO -Yoink- - CHECK.

Come on 343i this is totally unacceptable at this day and age! We did our part and then some! We purchased your product after you pumped it up for months as “THE BEST HALO EXPERIENCE” - we even notify you with issues that WE ARE SURE you ALREADY knew about prior to shipping the game, and we still get NOTHING for it. Not even a “hey sorry, we are aware of the issues and are currently working on them” (with the exception of multiplayer)?

All we need is communication at this point, don’t act like we aren’t here voicing our frustration for nothing. I mean, some people took time off from work just to play this with their friends and family, you know, to have a great time reliving their first Halo experiences again. Some of us even purchased a XBOX ONE JUST for this game!!! We didn’t ask for all these extras that YOU wanted to put into this project. YOU 343i and MS thought it awesome to do all this extra stuff like add achievements, skulls, terminals, easter eggs and the Halo Channel with a show that works sometimes for some people. We didn’t ask for any of this, but since you offered it to us at least you could do is competently deliver on what you wanted to offer us as a complete HALO experience. If it was too ambitious from the start, you shouldn’t have followed through with it from the jump. But seeing as how you did anyway, please fix this mess. We aren’t asking for perfection, we’re just asking for a game to work as it was intended and for you to follow through and keep us CONSTANTLY up to date on whats going on WITH EVERY ISSUE, not just MULTIPLAYER. Believe it or not, some of us just want to play the campaign all the way through in glorious full HD, that’s it.

On behalf of those who care,
Thanks for listing.

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All of this did I already know. Do you see any information, in regards to what I wrote about, in their giant memo? Nothing about achievements not popping nor anything regarding levels skipping and not being giving credit to what gamers have completed. Nor have they addressed the Achievement Thread I was speaking about.