Dear Community: Make this game work +Kill COD

To every halo fan on this forum.

For many years Halo games were some of the best games around and still are in some of our opinion, but then along came COD and took all potential buyers who had just came onto xbox 360. For quite a few years now Call of Duty games have been the main FPS, but now everyone is realising how poor and repetitive the gameplay is, so all xbox 360 gamers would probably be willing to try out a new game. Halo 4 has certain features similar to the features of COD so these gamers may like it, so now we must convert all COD fanyboys and make them into Halo players so that Halo will once agin be one of the main FPS on Xbox. So nows the chance evryone you must convert all of your friends who don’t play Halo or who used to play halo, so that Halo 4 will succeed and so Black ops 2 will fail. We must kill the COD franchise on xbox 360 to make Halo great again.

I know that this may be a bit drastic but everyones got to have noticed that the halo community has shrunk over the years.