Dear 343i

i want to thank you personally for re-making an amazing game. i loved cea soooo much i found myself dieing sometimes because i couldnt help but stare at the amazing environment. i really really loved the forerunner structures design very cool. i am a hard core fan ive read the books and am always on waypoint :slight_smile: also the terminals were mind blowing they were sooooo neat and the secret 11th terminal was sweet i really hope that was a hint for halo 2 remake just saying lol. there were so many places where i just went back and forth between classic and remastered mode it just goes to show the hard work you guys put into the game :slight_smile: am i big campaign player and i was more than happy with the game.also the bandana skull was a good idea its sooo fun and helpful having unlimited ammo. i am so excited to see what you guys have planned for the future keep up the good work 343i

I agree with everything you said. :smiley: Keep it up 343i!

Agreed. Good job, 343 Industries!

I completely agree. Also, it’s nice to see a thread that is not composed of haters currently.