Dear 343i

Dear 343i, this is gonna be a bit random but im going somewhere with this, I promise. So, only 2 weeks ago I managed to buy myself an Xbox one and my very first copy of Halo:5 Guardians (A bit late, I know). Surprisingly enough, my idiotic tenancies led me to be stuck with said console without even having a TV with a HDMI port! One HDMI to DVI converter later, Im finally able to continue one of my most beloved storylines throughout my gaming experience (But lets be honest here, the story was spoiled a LONG time ago, thanks internet). Here’s the catch, the converter doesn’t have SOUND! So for the past 2 weeks I’ve enjoyed the visual beauty of your game. And for those who ever wondered if the game is still noob friendly, I can personally confirm it is. As a bit of a “Late Review”, I Have to say that i absolutely LOVE the game! I’m 24 ranks in and still enjoying every match, hopefully it’ll only get better from here. As for me, i’ll still be on the field grinding to finally get a DMR from any REQ pack I

Sincerely, Rulingpoem7591