Dear 343i Quitters are punishing others.

Can we please get some type of fix for this? If my team doesnt get the first 2-5kills in the match others just quit. Which in turn punishes the players that stick it out. It not hard for 343 to tell the difference between someone actually quitting and someone D/Cing. So why punish the players who stay? I know if you dont count the match against the losing team people would just quit right before they lose so their buddies dont lose rank. Im sure they can think of something. Halo needs A LOT of work but fixing this issue would help out a ton.

I agree, every match I have quiters in my team

They’ve had years to think of ways to deal with this problem. If they haven’t implemented their brilliant ideas then it’s because they don’t have any. Neither does anyone else. We’d all like to see an end to quitting but nobody has any solution except for the truly short-sighted and ignorant who believe that ever-harsher penalties are the solution to everything. Who knows? Maybe they are. But I don’t think so. And apparently neither does 343. If you have any ideas beyond “ban them for life” I’m sure they’d be welcome.

Completely agree, and and I would add that, why is not a replacement system for quitters??? Almost always (when my team is losing in the beginning) i have to finish my games with one or two people less (sometimes 3). Quitters must be replaced, it cannot be difficult, right?. Games like Destiny or CoD have a replacement system already. Come on!!!