Dear 343i, constructive feedback on monetization and customization

a simple way to fix Halo infinite’s current monetization system is to give campaign owners challenges that are based around the campaign once a week that give you 100-150 credits (this could be tweaked) for completing it, for example, “complete one mission on Legendary difficulty”. this would mean the people who are only playing the free portion of the game would be charged reasonably fairly as they have gotten a triple-A multiplayer game for free, while campaign owners if they do not want to have to pay any money to acquire cosmetic’s they can if they put in the effort to grind for it, essentially creating reach’s progression system for people who purchased the campaign.

helmets, shoulders and coatings, should all be cross core, reason being they would not have extreme collisions with other components from there cores. there seems to be some people saying that collisions would be a issue for customization, this is simply not true as the tec suit layers for both the mark 5 b core and mark 7 have the exact same proportions as each other in terms of model. other people have argued that core’s are a cool idea because they obey lore, while this is true if you simply look at the game on it’s own, this idea instantly falls apart when looking into the lore of the mark 7 armour. Spartan Naomi 010 were’s a prototype mark 7 which was the first form of mark 7 armour seen in the halo universe, when looking at the armour you can see that she is wearing a helmet that looks the exact same as the mark 5 b helmet.