Dear 343

Dear 343,

Thanks for making such a great game like halo 5, thanks for making it new and fresh, thanks for sticking it out and not caring about all the negativity that came from MCC, thanks for trying to build a great community again, and coming from a long time fan (since combat evolved) please oh please put in double team, team snipers, and oddball, we as a halo community miss these they are what Halo has always been built on. I am not trying to be negative whatsoever you have built a beautiful game, and the community is screaming we want doubles we want snipers, we want oddball. I first hand will always support what you guys do and are doing, but I am telling you the Halo community will grow again if you listen to there wants. Once again I am not coming in a negative way, I just want doubles and snipers!

Your long time fan
iBe FaIVIous