Dear 343, thank you

Hi, my tag is ARTofFART1298. My name is Malachi, when I was eight years old I got my first halo. It was my first huge experience from a game. It quickly became my favorite and I have been an advocate for the series and the gigantic -Yoink- universe it has. Hell, the universe might be bigger than Star Wars. And it’s constantly growing. Halo 5 is awesome. Best multiplayer I’ve played since halo 3 and reach. I really love that new content is added monthly and that you actually listen to suggestions. So I would like to give my little piece if you would hear it. Would you please consider adding

  1. A UNSC aircraft, I miss it from halo 3 and reach. God I loved reach, I played it everyday for over a year. I know you guys and girls had a large part in that game so thank you so much. But I would love to see the hornet or falcon make a comeback.
  2. Some of the old halo 3 helmets, EOD, hayabusa, CQC, etc. they were super cool.
  3. I love this games armor customization system and I also loved Reach’s because of the individual select. Do you think I could get a robot arm lol?
  4. Currently the only true teamwork vehicle is the warthog, I really miss the spectre, is there any possibility that could happen.
    This game is by far the best multiplayer experience in such a long long time.
  5. We need more social playlists, all of the classics must be added!!!
  6. A lot of players love the pistol as do I, but after level 3 it becomes obsolete. Could we get the same variants of it as the other weapons in warzone please? Maybe instead of the bayonet because it would look odd you could have a handheld knife with it!
    Thank you so much for the awesome game and for listening to the feedback of the players! Can’t wait for Cartographers gift and more! Again, thanks, and I would be humbled if you would please read this post. Thank you.

Id love to see what other halo players are thinking about/what they enjoy the most so far. Leave a post under this thread!

Huh someone who is genuinely happy with H5 and 343’s work. Bravo Malachi. You don’t see this on the Forums

I really like H5 too. Been playing since H1,and H5 is my favorite. Story and multiplayer.

I loved Reach as well and am enjoying Halo 5.

Love this game - campaign was lacking but multiplayer is great