Dear 343 Studios this is about the MB halo game

Dear 343 studios it has come to my attention that a halo game based on the popular kids toy the halo mega block but unfortunately this game was canceled. I believe this was a bad idea becouse this game could have influenced those who only play LEGO/mega block game and kids/parents to invest in buying this game. Another reason why I believe it was a bad idea why the game was canceled is because of the reason why most articles I read say that the games death was becouse of the transition between the Xbox 1 and 360 But they also say that it was becouse of the targeted udience that halo was going for wasn’t kids but there are more kids that play halo games then teen and LEGO/mega block games aren’t just played by kids and with the Xbox one issue you could brush up the graphics (I am aware that’s not that easy to do). But my last reason is (Not to be rude) that your halo lack the side comity and is very nitty gritty. The main reason why people like commander Johnson was becouse of his funny quips and cool moments. As a result I and other believe that a Halo as a franchise would benefit from a LEGO game. And as a suggestion can there be parts were you could make a warthog and paint the grill with covenant blood or a banche and tar up the sky. Also how about a part were some yells “FLOOD” but it’s just a leeking pipe.

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