Dear 343, please help me

Dear 343,

I am MrNick1994. Of all the Halo experiences that are still around, I would have to say Halo 3 might be my favorite. I have just gotten around to the idea of making films through theater mode, and unfortunately I do not have Halo 3 (I have the Disc Two that comes with ODST). Because variety is good in a movie, are you still doing the Recon giveaway by any chance? I play Halo 3 every now and then and I checked a few hours ago, I do not have Recon armor. Because the population has gotten incredibly low in Halo 3, it became hard for me to find games with alot of people, and this makes it harder to unlock the other armor. Is the other armor unlocked as well? Thanks

I need some help too 343, I play Halo 3 most of my time, you see I made my account on 31-10-2012 I know you guys give away recon armor, but the problem is I still dont have it, if you guys could unlock it for me, that will be super awesome.