Dear 343, Please bring back Assault gametype..

It was one of the main gametypes up there with CTF, I was really annoyed it was removed in Halo 4. I haven’t seen any information about Assault in Halo 5 which at this point makes me assume it will likely be left out again, can anyone confirm it’s absence/presence in Halo 5?

I’ve said this before, they shove these together into the same skirmish game type. Or objective. Doesn’t have to be it’s own gametype.

We don’t know the full list of game types I think, so assault may have a chance, and ninja, what do you mean by “skirmish” game type, is it new or is it the category of game types like CTF, oddball, assault, etc?

I’ve been saying this since Halo 4. Don’t understand why it was removed in the first place.

I second this motion.

I think Team Skirmish was the unranked version of the Team objective playlist back in Halo 3…

It didn’t make any sense why it was removed… Originally grifball was a variant of Assault, they specifically removed assault and made grifball it’s own gametype for halo 4… From a coding standpoint you just copy and past the CTF gametype, and then change a few values so you “take your flag to the enemy base” instead of vice versa, most of the work is already done!

Only if they make maps that are suited for it that are built with Attack/Defend in mind. Zanzibar was great for assault, other maps like headlong, not so much.

It seemed to be almost the same as Neutral CTF…

It wasn’t removed in halo 4 :confused:

Bring assault back!!!

Guys, find the thread that talks about the REAL problems of Halo 5 and contribute! We need to work as a community to fix everything that can be fixed. Missing game types is one of them!

Well if Grifball is coming back in one way or another assault has to be also.