Dear 343 Industries / Microsoft ... Please fix this.

My Gamertag is “J Pice 7”.

It has been that for about 2 years now. Never once have I received a message from MS indicating that there was anything inappropriate about my gamertag. I have never received a message from Bungie indicating that I was file share banned. However, when I attempt to upload anything to my fileshare in Halo Reach that I created (screenshot, gametype, etc), I get a message that say my gamertag is not allowed by Xbox Live. I can upload other people’s content to my file share, just nothing with my gamertag as the author. I know Microsoft disallows certain tags based on words contained within words, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why my tag isn’t allowed according to Bungie/Microsoft. I don’t know if it is Bungie’s or Microsoft’s problem at this point which is why I am addressing this to both MS and 343. Hopefully, someone will take notice of this issue and get it sorted out.

Maybe Pice means -Yoink- in french?

Funny enough … I did actually run “Pice” through Google Translator a while back when I first noticed the problem, but nothing came up.