Dear 343 Industries, I could use some help.

First of all, don’t reply to this unless you have something helpful to say or actually have the power to do something to help. I don’t need “boy genius” rebuttals based on opinion. “hey man, the game got a high score on duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh.”. Save it, I spent (and continue to spend) good money here, I have a right to complain if I wish.

There are some things on my mind that we need to have a little chat about, these things have caused me to not even want to play the game anymore. I’ll list them in numbered order and below that I’ll go into further detail.

  1. My account has been banned from using voice communications for apparently no reason and for too long.

  2. My loadouts keep getting reset.

  3. You added Team Snipers for only a week?

  4. You sell early access to an add-on map pack on the first day the game comes out.

  5. The map selection is… terrible.

  6. You drove level progression as a new system while capping xp and not allowing people to level past 70 (unless they bought limited edition) until today.

  7. Perfections not showing up.

Okay addressing Number 1, as stated I have been banned from voice communications for [insert explanation here]. I received a notification of this about 10 minutes after a big team match. I have absolutely no idea what I did wrong. Also the pop-up said that I was banned for a week and it’s been much longer than that. Needless to say I WANT IT BACK.
Number 2! The loadouts… uuuuugh the loadouts… I customize them perfectly for my use in ever-changing “battle situations”, but yea they seem to reset just about every other time I get on.
Number 3, this is stupid, it was a popular one! You’re effing Microsoft for goodness sake. If Bungie was able to afford to have this as a game type all the time then why can’t you? Pick something badass and stick with it, this is what grows great expectations of a business… consistency. DERP.
Number 4, I’ve never seen a game so blatantly putting money first. Right from the get go this was apparent with the ad for the purchase of a future map pack popping up right when I put the game in for the first time. Now don’t get me wrong, as an avid gamer I know that add-on content is to be expected, not only does it ad things like “replayability” for the consumer but also hikes profits for the developer/publisher. But it shouldn’t be like this, “Oh now that you bought the game, you should buy something else…”.
Number 5, this one kind of ties into number four. You could have included those maps, but you decided to sell them separately instead. Thanks a lot.
Number 6, this was a big one for not only me, but all of the friends that I gamed with from day one. Bought the game, some dew, doritos, (for dub xp and munchies) did some war games, spartan ops… Here I am on the 21st at level 70 not able to go anywhere. Guess what I did… Played Starcraft 2 instead. Would have rather used your product (play Halo) but I had to wait 9 days so I didn’t waste my time furthering my commendations without receiving the xp from them.
Number 7, not as big of a deal right now, but I’ve had at least 2 perfections (games with 15 kills or over and no deaths) that should have been counted but didn’t show up in the commendations, this was right after I reached level 70. So ya might wanna get that system checked.


I appreciate the quick reply.

^ Definition of someone with a deluded sense of entitlement.

The problems you raised are valid concerns, but to think that because you paid ‘good money here’ and can type, you are owed a personal chat with the developers is ridiculous.

This isn’t some corner pub where your regular fish and chips were horrible today and you want them to have another go at it. It’s a multi-million dollar video game.