Dear 343 Hear me out

Dear 343

As a 20 year vet of Halo I’ve come to love the universe as much as you. I also completely understand that Infinites MP is still in BETA, but I and many other players truly feel you choose greed over gameplay mechanics. Your trying the copy the sucess of other big MP games (Mostly CoD) and that just isnt what Halo is. Your “Battle Pass” is the ONLY way to unlock different gear consitantly without shelling out $1000 buying all the buyable skins. Please fix the progression of the game. We SHOULD NOT have to buy a battle pass to progress thru your game thats -Yoink!-. Also fix the aim assist for controller users on PC please. If this current Halo is supposed to be around for the next 10 years then im sad to say it will fail. You could bring back the progression system of Halo: MCC or instead of using Tokens to unlock gear your could have a credit system, then have players complete challanges/matches to earn credits that they could then spend on whatever piece of gear they wanted. Please dont -Yoink!- this up I deeply love Halo and I WANT to see this current game succed for the next 10 years.


You can unlock different gear spending way less than $1,000 lol, there will be more battle passes too. Which is usually the best way to get bang for your buck.

Quit defending them its -Yoink!- and you know it. If this is how there going to handle it then there prob wont BE a player base in 2 years.