Playable elites any one? How about for custom games, forge, warzone, and casual (Social and BTB)playlists.
It was not fair of 343 to remove them in the first place. And Im sick of playing as spartan. And it pisses me off that elites aint an option. Untill then I’ll stick whit H2:A, H3, Reach, and H2 classic. But Í also want innovation. Whit New things to unlock. New maps and New game modes. If You dom agree, the like. If You don’t want elites then please go away and die. Just kiding.

I would like to play as an Elite again. It could give the potential to bring back Invasion, which would be awesome.

Maybe not in arena ranking but yes!

There are quite a few threads like this. 343i is bound to notice eventually.

I agree, but seeing an elite use Spartan charge would be weird. They would have blue flames coming from their back thrusting them forward.

Hi OP, we have a long running thread here discussing playable Elites in Halo. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas there :slight_smile: