dear 343. Classic playlist?


I would like to request a classic playlist with no thrust pack stuff. (sprint is debatable) I feel 6v6 mid size maps with and without vehicles will work. It would be fun to have a throwback play list. And would give people that don’t like the new movement a place in the game.

6v6 is getting into BTB territory, and I don’t really care about abilities in those kinds of modes because they hardly make an impact.

Typical 6v6 map is going to be like Zanzibar or Highground in design. Not really a dedicated arena map, nor is it a gigantic dedicated BTB map like Avalanche or Containment. They’re what I like to call hybrid maps. Yet those maps are still large enough to the point abilities aren’t really going to matter one way or the other.

Most of the demand for classic playlists comes from concern about how the new additions impact 2v2 and 4v4 play, where people will constantly be sprinting to cover, constantly slamming into each other, so on.